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Why Fashion Bloggers and Celebrities Love Saint Laurent Sac de jour bag

Why Fashion Bloggers and Celebrities Love Saint Laurent Sac de jour bag

Jul 30, 2016


Saint Laurent Sac de jour bag has become celebrities and fashion bloggers favourite since it was launched. I personally think that the concept behind the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, is to look similar to the Hermes Birkin bag with a bit of a modern / classic feel. Although there was much gnashing of teeth in handbag circles when the design debuted, the bet has paid off in spades for the brand, and famous, fashionable women have been some of the bag's biggest fans.

I was searching online for a bit of inspiration because I am looking to treat myself to a pair of the Saint Laurent Sac de jour bag. The moment I typed the name on Google oh boy! I was amazed by how celebrities and bloggers love this bag. There are over four colours to choose from and the styles are amazing. Hedi Slimane first introduced the Sac de Jour for Saint Laurent, since then I still cannot believe how the minimalistic tote has become a staple among Hollywood stars, supermodels, bloggers and any one else who is able to splurge on this luxury. A permanent in an industry of quick change, the Sac de Jour is the year round everywhere bag! Discreet labeling and a simple box shape lend it as a timeless classic. Wear it undone with the front tabs open and shoulder strap hanging loosely. Wear it with anything at all, even with a pair of slippers and still feel very dressed with this bag.

Available in a variety of sizes, textures and seasonal colors, the Toy Sac de Jour is a cross body that will be your summer essential. Wish me luck in my purchase journey, but before then, feed your eyes and drool over these cute celebrities styles and how they have styled their bag.



You can purchase here and here Image credits: Google images and Instagram. XOXO IVY