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Instagram Weekly Roundup

Instagram Weekly Roundup

Jul 25, 2016


Hello my lovelies, I will be doing an Instagram weekly round up on my blog every Monday. This will enable those of you who do not use Instagram to still see my Instagram post all through the week. I hope you like this idea? Before I do that, I just wanted to quickly say, "be safe and very vigilant". With a myriad of potential dangers every day and all the alarming news we here every day of things happening around the world, if we sit for a moment and let our imaginations run wild, we could very easily become paralyzed by the images that run through our minds, vowing never to leave the house again. But even then, in our very homes, we are vulnerable to life’s calamities. Equally, there has always been a fight against evil in the world — our global world as well as our personal worlds. None of us are beyond life’s challenges and trials. Lately the media has been flooded with so many disturbing stories, such as deaths, earthquakes, bombings, police brutal on Black skinned Men, the list is unending. There is certainly cultural upheaval everywhere. But even in times of seeming social calm, there have been moments in my personal journey when I have had to summons prayer warriors to intercede on my behalf. Adversity in life, unfortunately, is unavoidable. Once again be safe and pray for the world. Here are my Instagram post of last week. If you are not already following me on Instagram please do so. Username is @ivy_ekong

Enjoy your week my loves. Xoxo