Christmas is just around the corner which comes with all its festivities. For some people they use the same perfume all year long and do not really have a seasonal scent. For others it’s totally the opposite. What I’m not sire is how many people especially women belong in the later category. 

    I love luxury perfumes like most women out there. Here are some of my luxury perfume collections. This video compromises of those perfumes I use a lot and not all my perfumes in general. Enjoy watching. While at it, like follow and let me know your thoughts. To see my daily post follow me on Instagram @ivyekong. Blog -

    I posted my Chanel beauty night time skin care regime on my Instagram page few weeks ago and so many of you loved it. Having used Murad Skin Care for almost 6 years, it was quite a transition moving on to Chanel Beauty Products and I am loving it. I wish I started using these sooner. My skin is smoother, more hydrated, no breakouts or acne. My makeup stays  longer and looks so much better. These Chanel Skin Care products are just perfect and y...
  • Juvia's Place Eye Shadow Palette With Fumi Desaluvold

    Hey my loves, it's been a while since I posted here. Life has been happening as usual but I'll leave details for another day. I  absolutely love Fumi's new collaboration with Juvia's Place. The palette is great if you are looking for a very bold and outstanding eye palette . Click below to watch it. I am trying to grow my Youtube audience so don't forget to subscribe if you are a newbie. Like and leave your comments as usual.    
  • Food To Eat For A Healthy Radiant Skin

    I often get asked what food do I implement into my lifestyle that gives my skin the sort of glow and radiance it has. Well, there is no chemistry involved in getting a healthy skin. All you need to do is to constantly look after your skin by eating healthy, getting a good amount of facials and drinking lots of water to keep you and your skin hydrated, going to bed at the right time, and more. The list is unlimited. We all know that healthy ...
  • Winter Body Oils That Will Eliminate Dry Skin

    Body oils are an essential especially during the winter season when your skin tends to dry out a bit more. A lot of people see body oils as sticky, greasy and not so great on your skin. But I promise you're totally wrong. Body oils are so good especially if you have dry skin. This period of the year is actually when your skin tends to be very dry.  The most important thing to look out for when looking for  body oils is to get is  one that does...

    I have heard so much about dermaplaining facial treatment. I just wasn’t sure if it was suitable for dark skin tones, so I decided to give it a go. I also filmed the treatment for you all.  Click on my YouTube video to watch! Treatment done by: Kim Duffy Website :
  • Gold Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask New on my Youtube Channel. Click on the video to watch.      
  • 9 Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks Must Have For Dark Skin Tones

    I filmed a Mac cosmetics lipsticks recommendation for women of colour. In this video you will discover 9 tried and tested Mac cosmetics lipsticks that I have used over the years and suits dark skin tones without a doubt. Which is your favorite? I hope you like my makeup video! Leave me your comments,share and subscribe to my Channel.
  • Beauty And Hair Products In My Carry-On Bag

    The two most important things I always have to carry with me when I travel are my passport, and my carry-on bag filled with beauty and hair products. Beauty and hair products are so important to take along with you while travelling, or out and about daily.  This post is long overdue as so many people have requested for it over the years. So, today I am sharing the essential beauty and hair products I have in my small carry-on bag.  I cannot...
  • Perfumes -10 Best Luxury Perfumes To Gift This Christmas | Gift For Him Or Her

    Perfumes are a girl’s best friend and most of us cannot leave the house without wearing one. I do often leave the house without a foundation but never without using one of my favourite perfumes. As the holiday season is fast approaching so many of us a finding the perfect present to gift our loved ones. Trust me,  giving perfumes as a gift is always highly appreciated and can last next Christmas. My perfumes that were gifted to me Christmas la...

    Fenty beauty product is one of the most used makeup products by makeup artist and bloggers since it was launched by the beautiful Rihanna. I have particularly delayed doing this tutorial because there was so much rave about these products and loads of tutorials during the first week it was launched. I just wanted things to calm down a bit before doing mine tutorial and also to show you guys my regime when it comes to makeup. Watch my YouTub...