Christmas is just around the corner which comes with all its festivities. For some people they use the same perfume all year long and do not really have a seasonal scent. For others it’s totally the opposite. What I’m not sire is how many people especially women belong in the later category. 

Christmas perfume and scents

As women we enjoy wearing sexy perfumes, scents that are sophisticated, sexy, endearing but yet very classy. After all they say the smell of your perfume introduces you and the type of woman you are before you even speak. 
so my question is, how many women do actually have a different scent that they use during the Christmas season? Why some do not mind wearing their favourite perfume all year and season long, others have a scent for different life’s occasions and different festive season. Once that season is gone, they no longer use that scent until next season.


Perfumes and it’s seasons

Is this how wearing a perfume should be, some may say it’s an expensive taste. Others, may say that’s how it is and should be. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and share your preference .



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