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Exercising The Arms  - How To Achieve a Toned Arms At Home

Exercising The Arms - How To Achieve a Toned Arms At Home

Nov 17, 2021


While you’re at home and looking for more ways to exercise during the second lock down,  why not implement arms workout into your routine. Exercising the arms is a very important upper body workout that you can implement to your exercise routine. Don’t we all just wish we have a toned,  slim arms? Well, some people were  born lucky,  while some of us have to work hard for it. With a little bit of exercise and healthy eating, we should be able to feel lucky too! 

Including these moves into your routine will help strengthen your upper body while getting your wings in the best “toned” shape. You don’t need any  equipment for these just use your bodyweight. Targeting your biceps, triceps, and shoulders will help tighten your arms for a more defined look. Completing multiple reps of these exercises can be a useful tool in improving muscle endurance and allowing your muscles to work harder for longer. Learn the full at-home routine below.

The Moves:

  1. Box Plank Walks
  2. Side Tricep Press
  3. Superman Flutters
  4. Power Push-Up
  5. Dips

4 rounds of 20 reps per exercise in a circuit style

First  Move: Box Plank Walks

How to: Start in a high plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Starting with your left hand, walk your hands forward away from your body so you are in an extended plank. Then step your left hand out wider followed by your right hand, then keeping the same width, walk your hands back toward your body, and finally return your hands back under your shoulders to the start position. You will ultimately make a box with each hand.

To modify this movement, drop down to your knees and complete the boxes with both hands.


Second  Move: Side Tricep Press

How to: This is a tough move and will target one arm at a time. Start out lying on your hip, and place your bottom arm straight out from your chest or on your ear supporting your head. Place your top arm in front of your chest with your fingers pointing up toward your head. Press this hand into the ground to lift your upper body off the ground as your tricep works to straighten your arm, and slowly lower it back to the ground.

To modify this movement, keep your top arm on the ground straight out in front of your chest and use it to help you up.


Third  Move: Superman Flutters

How to: Lie down on your stomach and place your arms straight out to the side straight out from your shoulders, perpendicular to your spine. Engage your lower back muscles to lift your upper body off the ground and keep your upper body off the floor as you flutter the top of your hands toward the sky. You should feel this move in your arms and your back muscles.


Fourth  Move: Power Push-Up

How to: This power move requires you to flow through three different positions, so make sure your core stays strong. Starting in a plank position with your hands right under your shoulders, shift your hips up to a down dog position and then bend your knees so you are crouching. Using your legs, push yourself back into the plank position and lower down into a push-up.

If you’d like to modify the movement, you can drop to your knees for your push-up. Continue this flow and maintain control of your core and upper body at all times.


Fifth  Move: Dips

How to: The last movement is great for your triceps and can be modified to fit all fitness levels. Find a bench, a coffee table, a stool, or anything that will elevate your body off the ground. If you don’t have anything to prop yourself up on, you can do this on the ground as well. Start with your hands right under your shoulders and lift your glutes off the bench or the ground. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and push up to straighten your arms, making sure to contract your triceps at the top.

If you are on a bench, the farther your feet are from your body, the tougher this movement will be, so if you need more of a challenge, walk your feet out away from your hips. Always make sure your torso goes straight down and straight back up to keep the focus on your triceps and to keep your shoulders safe.

Remember, no matter how much exercise routines you do if you’re not eating a healthy diet or maintaining a healthy lifestyle,  you may not see desired results.