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Two Toned In The 8TH Sign Dress

Two Toned In The 8TH Sign Dress

Jul 22, 2016


Two toned outfits are very easy to wear and have somehow become very popular these days. Some fashion bloggers achieve the two toned look by either wearing a dress that is two toned like I just did, or by pairing a skirt and top together that has a similar tone in an outfit. "how do you style a two-tone dress?

I know for sure that styling a two toned dress is easy because the colours on that dress has sort of picked out the main colours to style it with for you, if you understand what I mean.

In other words, the dress does all the styling work for you. All you need to do is to simply wear accessories that suit one of the colours in your two toned outfit. If you want to go outside of your comfort zone which I don't think is necessary in a two toned outfit, you can accessories by colour blocking, but remember not to colour block with a colour that is totally off or odd from your two toned outfit, otherwise you will look like a traffic light(smiles) .

I have a couple of dresses from The 8TH Sign brand and I so much love how they cling to a woman's body. Their design is known for being artistic in a way and most of their clothing is similar to this one. I have had my eyes on this dress for a while but it was very expensive. I had to wait a couple of months for it to go on sale and it's still on sale now at Asos

I wore it with my nude Anna F heels which I bought here and Prada bag. I think it can actually be quite a dressed down piece if you style it right. But the fabric is so comfortable and chic I would buy it in every colour.

Do you have any outfit in a two toned colour? Or any you have put together yourself? Do leave your comments and let me know. Until my next post, stay safe and fabulous. Dress is from here Heels from here Bag is from here Hair is from here Xoxo Ivy Ekong.