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What To Wear For A Date Night

What To Wear For A Date Night

Jun 22, 2018


Date night is an essential part of every couple’s relationships, but sometimes especially when you have kids to take care of, date night may be the last thing on your mind. One thing I always preach on this blog if you have been a loyal reader is that no matter what, make time for yourself to do what you need to make you happy and that includes constant date nights if you need to.  If you are going to do that, why not do it in style.  The first outfit choice that comes to mind will be a pretty dress. Yes, I am guilty of that too. I have worn so many dresses for date nights than I can count. So last week, I decided to switch it up.  I wore a Zara black suit and accessorised with a Christian Louboutin heels and a Moschino bag.

Trouser suits are chic and very sophisticated.  In fact, I always feel like I’m in France when I dress up like this. Isn’t this the French way of dressing! This outfit can also be worn not just for date nights, but to weddings and formal events.  Whether you choose to wear your blazer with a dress pant, denim, over a LBD, or as a dress itself, standing out is simple. Just find a fabulous fabric or a powerful print and turn this staple into a true statement-maker. As usual,  here are some other post you may find interesting here , here and here Have a lovely week my loves. Love Ivy