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The Five Best Bras for Every Outfit

The Five Best Bras for Every Outfit

Jun 24, 2018


Not all bras are the same. There are various types of bras available. You need to select the best ones to fit your various outfits.


Backless bras are perfect for outfits that show off your bare back. They are best for low back outfits and backless  dresses or gowns. If you are petite, you can get the ones with silicone cups that stick to your bust. If you are curvy, you can get transparent strap bras that will fit your outfit perfectly.

                                   PUSH-UP BRAS

Push-up bras are essential bras for every woman that wants to feel and look sexy. They do an excellent job of pushing your breasts out. They can also be used by women with one breast bigger than another and those that have had lumpectomies done. They make your curves look better, and they enhance your cleavage.


Bralettes are perfect for layered outfits. These trendy bras can be worn under loose tank tops and large sweaters. You can even wear them as sexy crop tops over skirts and jeans if you wish. They don’t have hooks and wires like regular bras, so you are sure to get very comfortable in them. You can buy bralettes in sexy designs, lovely colors and high-end fabrics.

                                      STRAPLESS BRAS

Strapless bras are perfect for off-shoulder outfits. When buying a strapless bra, go for one with a smaller band size and a cup size that is slightly larger. Strapless bras are quite tricky to fit because the cups are designed in a different way from other bras. I suggest that you go with the outfits that you want to wear with the strapless bra so that you can get a perfect fit. There are also some nice convertible bras that can be you can wear with or without straps.

                                   SPORTS BRAS

If you work out like me, you’ll need a sports bra to pair with your workout outfit. There are various kinds of sports bra available, so you need to pick one for the type of workout activity you engage in. Some are perfect for running and jogging, some will do well for yoga enthusiasts while some are perfect for calisthenics. For runners, it’s best to get a sports bra that does the double function of encapsulation and compression. Sports bras keep you comfortable during exercise, and they keep away that odd bounce. I'm wearing a Victoria Secret sport bra. It holds very firmly even while  running on the treadmill. It,s a must have sport bra. Till my next post, stay fabulous. xx Love Ivy