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Jan 04, 2017


I love winter and I also love dressing up which is something that most people find a bit challenging during Winter. Because I love wearing shorts, which is almost impossible to wear during winter, I have to find ways to wear my shorts while still keeping warm.

The secret of wearing shorts or even short dresses or skirts during winter is by wearing it with a thigh high boots. I also know that some people do not like thigh high boots, well on this occasion a pair of tights is ideal. The most important thing to factor in here is to keep warm. Yes we all know that beauty is pain, but certainly not a good idea to catch cold and fall ill just because you want to look good ?

I often complain about it being freezing here but I know so many of you have actual winters with higher freezing temperatures. I’m so happy I get to wear shorts in winter so I don’t have to be bundled in puffer jackets and coats all the time! In other to be overly warm I paired my shorts with a DKNY blazers and added a fux fur coat to it for extra warmth. I love shorts because they’re slightly edgy, without being uncomfortable or over-the-top! They can also pass as a casual look depending on how you styled yours. Finished off the look with a Louis Vuitton bag and a Myleene Klass thigh high boots which am sure you guys have seen a couple of times on my social media pages. (Because they have become my favorite boots out of many). Similar here.

Winter is not a death sentence, neither is it the time to wear ugly clothes and layer like a doughnuts! Who says you can't look stylish and very well put together during winter!!! Yes you can wear what ever you're comfortable in, be it a pair of shorts, short dresses, skirts, whatever you think will boost your self confidence just as long as you stay warm. Wishing you all a great start to your year.