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Makeup Removal Wipes For All Skin Types

Makeup Removal Wipes For All Skin Types

Jan 10, 2017


Makeup removal wipes have become very popular amongst women these days. Hardly before you see any one using liquid makeup removal these days unless of course that's what you prefer. For a lot of us especially me, ease is what am after and that's why I prefer makeup removal wipes. I don't have to dip a cotton bud into any chemical before I can take off my makeup. The ease and convenience has been boxed in a Makeup remover wipes.

When it comes to Makeup  remover wipes, some of you swear by it while others don't. Someone even said it gives her rashes after using it. For me there is nothing more convenient than makeup removal boxed in a for form of wipes especially when you're traveling. You just put it in your handbag and you're good to go. In this post am going to recommend some wipes that I have tried and tested and can 100% attest to.

It's important  to know that when shopping for makeup removal wipes our skin type and overall skin situation must be put into consideration. There are those for sensitive skin, normal skin, anti-aging, aging, oily, dry, the list is unending. Now let's dig in! FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: I would recommend SIMPLE Wipes for sensitive skin. I have been using this for years. After trying several others I decided to stick with this as it really works for my skin type. This makeup removal wipes doesn't only take off my makeup, it also leaves my skin feeling very soft and moisturized. They cost less than £5 and can be found in boots, online, or your local pharmacies and shops. There are two types, the fragrance and non fragrance wipes. So make sure you choose according to your preference.


FOR DRY SKIN: Some makeup removal wipes are known for drying out skin and we don't want that, unless you deliberately want your skin to be dry. When my skin feels dry especially if am out of the country or have been traveling often, I will only use a makeup wipe designed specifically for dry skin. Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes are very good at hydrating the skin.

FOR OILY SKIN: SIMPLE Kind To Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes is also one of my best. What I love about SIMPLE wipes is that they come in different varieties for almost all skin types. There wipes are super softs and moist. I can't recommend this Wipes enough. Formulated with Zinc PCA to control oil, these alcohol-free wipes clean without the sting. They’re also non-comedogenic, safe for contact lens wearers, and vegan as is the entire line of SIMPLE products. They also make an excellent micellar water makeup remover if you prefer not to use a clean cloth after using your makeup remover wipes.  FOR DULL SKIN: Acure cleansing wipes is a convenient active night time towelette that helps boost cell turnover to decongest the pores and lift away sun damage with natural glycolic acids and willowbark extract. Zinc and licorice root help heal breakouts and those pesky dark spots left behind while argan oil provides healthy moisture balance. This wipes will give your dull skin a vibrant glow. They cost a little bit more than other wipes though. They cost about £9.99. If you’re acne-prone or wear a lot of waterproof mascara, these are the wipes for you too. You can even use them around your eyes while wearing contact lenses without irritation.


ANTI AGING: Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Wet Wipes are daily facial cleansing wipes to remove all dirt, make up and even waterproof mascara without water. According to Olay it defies 7 signs of ageing for younger, healthier looking skin,Contains skin super-multi-vitamin VitaNiacinTM with Vitamins B3, B5 and E, Removes dirt and make up, Dermatologically tested. This convenient all-in-one cleanser with Vitamins gives you 7 beautiful benefits for younger looking skin: helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, helps reduce skin surface dullness for a radiant healthy looking glow, helps skin to look and feel smoother, visibly reduces the appearance of pores , exfoliates skin, helps to reveal an even skin tone, hydrates and softens skin. Olay's Wet Wipes leave your skin clean, fresh and beautiful. For a complete regimen, use Total Effects moisturisers and treatments. Hope you all found this info handy, leave a comment with your skin type and your favorite makeup wipes. Images featured cannot be used without prior permission from Ivy Ekong Fashion.