Christmas Family Photos

I hope you're all enjoying the festive season just as much as I am. I'm still in that post Christmas mood and have been eating like crazy. I only wish I could rest more but that's just a wishful thinking especially with my two girls who won't give me a moment to myself as they are on holiday. That is the joy kids brings, and of course the holiday period gives us loads to time to spend with them and answer all the thousands of questions they ask on a daily basis (*welcome to my world *). Anyways we took some holiday family photos and I thought I'd share these snaps with you guys. Family photos Family photos Since a lot of you love it when I post photos of my girls, and some of you have told me to post my kids photos more often. I will be improving on that in the new year. My whole outfit is from my collection which is launching next year. My shoes are from Kurt Geiger. They are having a half price sale at the moment, but not on these ones. So go check them out. Family photos Alice and Gabriella's dresses incase you want to buy them for your kids are  from John Lewis. They are available to purchase online and in store. Family photos Since Christmas is over, everyone is talking about NYE and all the New Year activities. It’s the happiest time of year for a lot of us, but there are many less fortunate people living without Christmas/ New Years lists, holiday parties, and presents. I think it’s crucial to remember those people year-round, but especially during this season. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what we’re doing and the parties we are attending to bother about someone else. I can be guilty of being selfish in this way, so stopping to think of ways to provide for others is refreshing this holiday season is very important. Until my next post, stay fabulous!! XOXO IVY EKONG

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