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Tis The Season To Be Joyful

Tis The Season To Be Joyful

Dec 20, 2016


Tis the season! I have been talking about Christmas and the holiday season for a few weeks now. Because this season is one of my best season of the year, not only because its Christmas, but also because it’s the end of the year and a new one will begin soon. Each year for me is like an open book which has been handed to me to write anything on. It’s a new opportunity to right our wrongs from the previous year and also to leave behind anything or anyone that is toxic and has no positive influence in our lives. It’s the season to start afresh, and that gets me excited and maybe nervous at the same time.


We have a lot to be excited about this holiday season. Even when I keep hearing people say that 2016 wasn’t such a good year for them, I think we still have a lot to be thankful for, especially for life and well being. That’s the greatest gift of all, because when you’re well then you can chase your dreams and achieve your goals.

Perhaps your loved ones have achieved that long term goal, or maybe there have been one or two precious little new arrivals in your family or that of your friends. My two brothers had a baby girl and boy respectively last month and that’s something I am very joyful about this season. Or maybe someone close to you have found the love of their life, or got healed from a certain disease or illness. Whatever the case, this season let’s find a reason to be joyful.

Over the years, I’ve grown and matured enough to know that happiness does not depend on the physical things we own. Those will come and go. When you are truly happy from within, you will not lose your happiness when those things are gone. The question you should ask yourself today is, if this luxury car was taken away from me today, will I still be happy? Or will I be miserable and depressed because my happiness is based on having this car? My point is that, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it and make a conscious effort to be happy this season with hopes of a better 2017.

I wore this outfit yesterday for Christmas Carol at Wembley Arena, and it was one of the best Carols I have ever attended. I realized that no matter what we face or go through, we should always see the best in everything and enjoy every moment, as we may never get back that moment again. That will help immensely with our expectations with the people around us.

So today, I didn’t want to do any of my fashion post, I felt the need to encourage someone. While we await the new year, try as much as possible to do what you love. Dance, sing, spend time with people who truly love you. Life is too much of a precious gift to not make the most of it.  Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season. OUTFIT DETAILS: My sweater is from Next, My skirt is from oasis My boots are from Myleene Klass My bag is from here.