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Jun 24, 2016


If you’ve been following me on instagram, you must know that I splurge on luxury bags especially Chanel Classic bags! One of my favourites as some of you know is my beige Chanel Bag which I use almost all the time. I have been wearing that non stop lately. So you won't blame me for wanting to give my Chanel bags some rest and vamp up my outfits with the most talked about Saint Laurent Monogram bag.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities have been seen rocking the Saint Laurent Monogram bag? Well, wonder no more! This bag has a way of making any outfit look very luxurious and glamorous. You really don't need to try too hard with the Saint Laurent Monogram bag, it will do all the work of elevating your outfit for you. I think about how many times I will be wearing it, and how many different ways I could wear it. We all need a staple bag in our wardrobe and my best picks would be the Saint Laurent bags and the Classic Chanel bags. It you take you from day to night, work to partying, best of all you don't need to be overly dressed to exude glamour with this bag.

I paired my Saint Laurent Monogram bag which you can purchase here with this gorgeous Lavish Alice Leopard Print Collarless Cape Coat and a black mini dress. I bought this collarless coat to wear with a different outfit but somehow on a last minute business meeting situation, I put these two together with my Saint Laurent monogram bag, my gold wedge sandals from Dune, and it immediately became a statement outfit. As you can see, my whole outfit has a luxury feel to it only because of my Saint Laurent Monogram bag. Can you believe my whole outfit excluding the bag of course, cost less than £150. Oh yes lovelies! It sure did. We shot this whole outfit in literally 15 minutes or less right around the building were I had my meeting, and I really love how the photos came out. You don't really need to try too hard when it comes to Fashion, let your personal style do the talking. Like I always say to those of you who read this blog constantly, do not splurge so much on clothing, instead splurge on accessories. You can wear a £5 dress and elevate your look with one of these Saint Laurent monogram bag which can be purchased here (Don't forget to thank me later ?) Outfit details : - Collarless coat is from here Black mini gold detailed dress is from here Saint Laurent monogram bag is from here Gold wedges from here Thanks to Farfetch for partnering with me to sponsor this post. Till my next post guys ........ XOXO ?? Ivy Ekong