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Vitae London Classic Watch

Vitae London Classic Watch

Jun 22, 2016


Vitae London watches is one I have come to love. As many of you know, watches are not really my thing. I have never been the one to splurge on watches. Recently am starting to fall in love with good watches that are very classic yet also very affordable and elegant. One of the reasons why I'm so in love in Vitae London watches is because when you buy any of their watches you are saving lives of young people in a world across the ocean, called Africa, also helping them get an education. Isn't that a great feeling? Knowing that you are playing your part the little way you can while enjoying the fashionable luxury of a gorgeous wrist watch. A lot of you know that I am a very charitable person and have used my blog as a platform to support anything African and other charities as well over the years. So when I was approached by Vitae London, and got to know how they help under underprivileged kids in Africa get an education, I didn't hesitate to say yes.

I would like to share their story with you lovelies; In 2010, one of Vitae London’s Founders traveled to the stunning vista of Port Elizabeth to volunteer with the South African based NPO, House of Wells. The NPO exists to restore hope, dignity and release the potential of children and youth in Africa. Created by two British missionaries in 2008, the objective of House of Wells is to improve the lives and encourage the development of children and youth across Africa. Their experience with House of Wells inspired them to help transform the lives of youth in Africa by working with charities on the ground and embracing the spirit of some of the world’s most difficult to reach youth. Many children in Africa lack the access to and resources of bare necessities which we in other areas around the globe may often take for granted. Vitae London work within several provinces where education is actually free, but many youth are unable to take advantage of such learning opportunities due to their lack of access to school equipment, such as uniforms and shoes, which are required to attend school.

I hold causes such as these very dear to my heart, especially because am from Africa and do have a closer bond to these kids who are highly in poverty. If more brands are able to give even a penny of what they earn to children in Africa and other countries of war, then the world will be a better place for us all.

When you purchase a watch from Vitae London, you directly help transform these children’s lives. Each watch purchased from Vitae London classic range of watches supplies a child with two sets of a school uniform, a bag and footwear to see them through the year. Through you and me , Vitae London aid the efforts of making education and learning for children in Africa possible. OVERVIEW: Pairing minimalist design with stylish modernity, Vitae London’s classic range of watches are subtle yet sophisticated time-pieces suited to everyone. The Walmer range which I am wearing is named after a township on Port Elizabeth, South Africa that Vitae London supports. Featuring a stainless steel mesh strap, equipped with scratch resistant sapphire glass, Vitae London watches can be sported by everyone. From the sleek city worker to the trend-setting hipster, their contemporary yet uniquely understated and eye-catching watches complement every individual


 This watch can literally be paired with anything. Jeans, dresses, skirts. Joggers, my list goes on. I am wearing Warmer Gold which can be purchased here: Don't forget to tag me a photo of you wearing yours on my Instagram page using #ivyekongfashion #YourWatchTheirFuture #VitaeLondon. #Sponsored XOXO ??? Ivy Ekong