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Heels - How To Style

Heels - How To Style

Jul 04, 2016


Before we talk heels, first of all I would like to wish my Americans a Happy 4th of July Weekend. Hope we all had fun this weekend? I grilled some barbecue with my family and soaked in the sunny weather. Now back to the topic! How do we style our heels effectively? Several  designer labels are being thrown at our face on a daily basis either through television advert, thousands of newsletter on our emails, or via loads of sales and discount codes emails that we receive on a daily basis . For this reason we find ourselves buying so much shoes which we hardly wear mostly because we don't know what heels goes with what.

I have put up some look boards on how to wear some of your heels. My advise would be to first sort out the clothes you intend to wear, display it on your bed, or a hanger, then pick the shoes that has one of the colour in your outfit. It can even be your lipstick colour , the colour of your handbag, or even a wrist watch. It's that simple and even simpler when your outfit is a floral outfit, then you just pick the boldest colour in the florals for your heels.

For a black dress or a black outfit, it's so much easier to pick your heels because you can wear any colour of heels on a black outfit. You choose! This topic is very challenging for so many women especially those who like to dress safe by wearing all "black everything". There is nothing wrong in wearing all black, but it shouldn't be a habit. A coloured shoes can do your black outfit a lot of good. Heels also have a way of elevating us as women and a great confidence booster too.

So if you find yourself in a dilemma of how to style your heels, then refer to my advise and wear the outfit first before picking your shoes to blend with your outfit. Until my next post, have a lovely week you all. Xoxo Ivy Ekong