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Red Over The Knee Boots - A Fashion Trend Or Not ?

Red Over The Knee Boots - A Fashion Trend Or Not ?

Nov 22, 2017


If you're looking to purchasing an over the knee boots this winter

With a lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities wearing the red over the knee boots. I knew it was a good trend and probably one that won't be going away soon. I feel most comfortable when I wear my mini skirts with an over the knee boots, but pairing it with a red over the knee boots takes your outfit to a whole other level. It brightens up your outfit and make a great stand out. Another thing I love about this red over the knee boots trend how it can easily elevate your outfit. A touch of colour always does an ensemble a lot of good. You can also wear them over mini dresses, denim ensemble, leather pants and most winter outfits. I paired mine with a mini leather skirt and a beautiful bodysuit I got from Ivy Ekong Fashion.  I threw on a faux fur throw on my shoulder just to keep me warm as it was very cold. As you can see, this ensemble is very chic and classic, at the same time very effortless. I wore this mesh bodysuit because I was going out for dinner and still wanted to look sexy in my ensemble. If it was a day outing I would have worn something else for a top. l would love to see  how you style yours. Tag me on Instagram @ivyekong