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Perfume Collection | Which Scent To Invest In

Perfume Collection | Which Scent To Invest In

Apr 24, 2017


Perfume is a beautiful fragrance that can easily elevate your mood. This is definitely from my point of view. I use different perfume depending on the mood am in. Trust me, they have worked to elevate my mood in the past and still does! The idea is that a different scent will work for a different occasion, or a different season, for your mood, or the place where you are, or even your outfit at that point in time. My perfume collection includes a lot of pieces I own. They aren’t just a scent anymore, they are more than that. They are part of memory, a limited edition, or that of a celebrity I truly adore! I would prefer to keep the perfume as a collection instead of using them.

My husband buys most of my perfumes, even though he knows I'm in love with Chanel and Jo Malone, I still allow him make that decision. After all, I love to smell the way he likes and he loves to smell the way I like. So he will only buy perfumes that he knows I will like. This shows how perfumes can have a significant connection to another. The perfume everyone will remember you for is called your ‘’signature scent”. It is literally your scent signature, the fragrance that leaves a mark, the fragrance that tells people who you are even before you speak. Just like your outfit, your perfume -fragrance has a large role to play in your overall style personality. Now let's discuss about buying your own personal fragrance. Here are some tips in choosing the right perfume for you.

Try them all Go to the store and smell everything you can handle before your nose loses its ability to distinguish smell ??.   At that point, get out of the store, have a coffee and go back to your search. Don’t be ashamed to ask for samples of the ones you’re considering Let Go of the old and embrace the new It will be wrong for me to tell you to let go of a scent you have worn for years and are now accustomed to, but I have great news for you, it's hard for me to let go of my most loved perfumes too (Chanel Mademoiselle) but I tried and now I still wear my favorite perfume but balances it with others, depending on my mood. A great tactic of embracing other perfumes is asking the sales assistant to let you try a best-selling fragrance from each category: this will help you understand what you like and what you don’t very quickly. Seek Opinions Listening to your friends is essential. They always know how to recommend some of the best stuff for you. Chance is they might have tried on a few scents themselves. You might not notice that a fragrance really doesn’t work for you until someone else tells you about it. In the same way, your favorite scent might not be appreciated by those around you, and there is nothing worse than being associated to an unpleasant scent. A bit of constructive feedback from a friend is definitely what you will need to give you some pointers for your search. Don't judge a bottle by its cover If you can, try to find a perfume store that will let you do a “blind test”, trying out fragrances without knowing anything about the bottle it comes from – this is how you will know that it’s the scent that matters to you, and not the label. Once, when I played this game, I discovered I have the same taste in perfume as Elizabeth Tailor. Whatever it is that you decide to do, keep it in mind that your taste in scents can change and will change over the years. Enjoy the Scent you like at the moment and don't worry about tomorrow. I have placed links to wear you can buy some perfumes which I have used personally and recommended. Till my next post... Love Ivy Ekong