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Fur Coat Winter Aftercare How to Care For Your Coat |

Fur Coat Winter Aftercare How to Care For Your Coat |

Apr 27, 2017


The weather is getting a little warmer now (very unpredictable in London) we are all tidying our wardrobe and putting our coats away while enjoying spring. But there is something most fashion bloggers don't talk about, and that's storing your coats / fur coat and saving it for the next season (Winter). Fur coat are very expensive and if we look after them properly they can last for years and you can even pass them to your children and grandchildren.

Here are some basic facts to know about fur pieces: 1) Fur is an organic material and requires preventive care because once it dries out, it is irreparable. 2) With proper care, your fur can last for generations. It can then become a family heirloom. 3. In the future, any well-persevered fur can be restyled to give you more years of fashionable wear. in storage? 4. Fur coat elevates your outfit during winter.

How to store: Ideally, fur should be stored end of March – October. You’ll want to store your fur with a professional furrier who has a humidity and temperature-balanced vault. What these professional furriers do is that they will treat, condition, glaze, and moisturise the pelts. When the fur is in your possession, keep it in a dry cool closet. I always place mine in a dry cleaning bag hanged in my closet.


Purchasing Fur Coat: If you don't have a pair and would love one, now is a great time to purchase furs at a discounted rate. Many furriers have huge markdowns at the end of the season and you can find a great fur at a great price!. If you also want to save on fur coat without splurging thousand on a  fur coat,  I would recommend buying from some good Charity or vintage high street shops. You will usually get a great bargain when you buy Pre-owned fur coats in such shops. I am by no means an expert when it comes to storing your fur coat. The opinion given here are my personal opinion of how I look after mine.That's it for now my loves. Leave me your comments and let me know how you store and look after your fur coats .