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Dreams Do Come True - Ivy Ekong Fashion

Dreams Do Come True - Ivy Ekong Fashion

Apr 20, 2017


I haven't updated my newsletter lately, because l was waiting for the right time to do that. I am over joyed to announce that the my clothing line will be launching in approximately two weeks time. Yaayyyyy!!!!!!!. I am super excited for this journey and I know you are too.  As many of you know (especially those who follow me on Instagram insta stories,  and snapchat), I have been raving lately about the launch of my online clothing store. I must say that it hasn't been easy. Lots of sleepless nights and planning. But it's  been worth it!  I am an example of what they say ''dreams do come true '' only if you work at it. 

Who would believe that starting out as a fashion stylist, to then being a successful fashion blogger and now launching a clothing line for women of all styles and ages, would be possible? Not to talk of achieving such  a dream  in less than 5 years;  oh well it has, and am so excited that you all have been in this journey with me. Your support and constant cheer brought me this far. This is why I needed to drop you all this email before the official launch. It's been crazy exciting . But WOW.... there is so much to do. I am doing all these  for the first time and even though I have a training in fashion, its still not as easy as it seems. 

I am going through the process of ensuring that I am not only able to ship my products to the UK but also to the whole of Europe, United States and of course Nigeria ( trying to avoid customs issues). And of course I am trying to do everything the right way- definitely not trying to cut corners.  I am also proud to let you all know that all the pieces in this collection were designed by me  with the help of a good team. We all including yourself , made this dream come through for me.  So keep your credit and debits cards close by, because the wait will soon be over. I am wearing ivyekongfashion Once again, thank you! yes, I mean you. With love Ivy Ekong