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African Prints In London | Anabatik

African Prints In London | Anabatik

Apr 17, 2017


As a fashion blogger I can pretty much say that I have worn everything. From denim, to beautiful evening gowns, to gorgeous curvy dresses, the list is unending. One outfit or fabric that still stands out uniquely when ever I wear it are "African prints". We all know the uniqueness of African prints, especially because they are not that common in this part of the world, London to be precise. So when you have an opportunity to add one to your collection, you will grab it with both hands.

Growing up in Nigeria gave me a deeper appreciation of the uniqueness of African prints. The style, colors, and patterns and wearability are endless . You’ll also find that many of these patterns hold cultural significance from where they originally originated from. Some African print fabrics include ankara, kitenge, and kente.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, there is no better time to wear your African prints. It was definitely the best time to discover a store in London that offers the best quality of African prints. When I say the best quality, I mean a second to non type of quality, and you guys already know that I am very particular about the quality of what I wear. Anabatik is a UK online retail store that specializes in Asian batik material. Original handmade work of art with variety of designs to choose from. Another reason why I am obsessed with Anabatik African prints pieces is because you do not have to make them into a skirt, dress, or any outfit for that matter. You can simply use their African prints as scarfs over your outfit just as I have done now. They can be worn on anything and even tied around your favorite handbag if you want to make a statement.

I am so excited I found this store and I am now sold to the prints. I have these African prints in different colors to pair with different outfits. They are also perfect to take with you on holidays. I styled my Anabatik African print with an all black look. Pairing my print with a pair of black denim jeans from, and a black top from and house of cb pumps, and a Saint Laurent handbag You can shop more African prints here;  Also  have a look at their Instagram and Facebook page for more styles  and colours.

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