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Peg Leg Trouser | How To Style

Peg Leg Trouser | How To Style

Mar 13, 2017


The peg leg trouser is one of those form-fitting flattering basics that moves effortlessly from day to night. For some these are a no go, not because they don’t like them but because they don’t know how to wear them and pair them rightly. Every year peg leg trouser trend pops up in some statement style so it’s about time we figured out how best to wear these fabulous trousers, whether it be casual or more dressed up. Celebrities are smashing these styles as always with the likes of Gwen Stefani, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence all rocking these gorgeous trousers. A lot of women ask me questions such as, what do I wear with my peg leg trouser? How do I wear them? And are they going to suit me? Ask no more!!

One of the reasons women love this blog is because I always try to encourage you to dress up regardless of your age, size and background. Often, women admire from afar the hottest trend on the streets or on celebrities in the magazines before we make our purchase.  Some of us even shut the door on the trend before we try it, incorrectly making the assumption that we have to be under 30s to pull it off successfully. Why dwell on your age, when age is nothing but a number. Your outfit and how you style them can totally transform your age making you look younger than you really are. Trends are fun! We may not want to experiment with all of them, but closing the door before we even knock on it is a shame. It’s all about finding ways to wear the trends that work best specifically for us and our individual lifestyles. So, let’s dig in on how to style our peg leg trouser. Due to the severe cut of the Peg Leg trouser, it tends to only really flatters a few body shapes. Body shapes such as Rectangle, Hourglass, Apple, Strawberry and Pear. Rectangles and Hourglass shapes can pull off this look effortlessly. *don’t Jealous much! Those who don’t fall into the above categories, won’t be able to wear peg leg trouser with such ease, but can still wear it regardless! You will need just a little bit of more styling to get it right. The key to pulling off your peg leg trouser is to concentrate less on the trend and more on your proportions.

Here are some styling tips to wearing peg-leg trouser: Environment Where are, you going to wear the peg-leg trouser to? If you plan to wear them to work, note whether your environment is business casual, creative or at an office that requires a corporate dress code. Peg leg trouser have been designed from all types of fabric. In this particular case, peg-leg pants in cotton or denim would work well casually at the office while a wool blend such as the one am wearing may suit your more formal dress code. Or, wear a silk pair to an evening or red carpet event. Length The trickiest part about peg-leg pants is the hem placement. The most popular are right above the ankle bones and just before the ankle expands into the calf. If you’re lucky and have long legs you can wear both of these lengths. Women with shorter legs, (petite frame) should find the perfect spot in between these two regions that give the illusion of a longer leg line. It will vary per individual. Just look at yourself in the mirror carefully and you should be able to see which option or hem length works best for you. This is also where the height of your heels comes in. Shoes The best way to pull off a peg leg trouser trend  is to style them with a pair of high heels. Those fortunate with really long legs can get away with flats, but most of us would benefit with the added height of a high heel. The length of peg leg trouser visually shortens the line of the leg and can easily make our bodies appear shorter. So, additional height is always a great idea. It is also important to style with a substantial shoe for two reasons. First, the shoe needs to appear heavy to draw the eye down towards the bottom of the body rather than where the hem stops to continue to create a lengthened physique. Secondly, a shoe with some substance will create a visual balance to our hips. I also understand that not everyone likes to wear high heels. In this case, just wear a pair of wedges. Just as long as there is a bit of height.

Tops The top you wear in your peg leg trouser is very important too. The key is to keep the entire body proportional. Since the peg leg trouser narrows towards the hem our hips will appear wider relative to our legs. Just as a substantial shoe can balance out our hips, so can the right top. A sure way to achieve this body balance is with a slightly loose top that still highlights our waist. We can draw attention to the waist by tucking in the top. Better still, just wear a bodysuit. I have styled my peg leg trouser in such a way that the attention is drawn to the top instead of the trouser itself. My bodysuit is colorful and I’m showing a bit of cleavage too. The attention is upward in this outfit which is what you want to do. Handbag A great handbag never does anyone any wrong. So feel free to pair your handbag with your ensemble as desired. My whole outfit is from I bought this peg trouser a few years ago, so they may have sold out now. You can find a similar one here . I always like to hear your feedback, so let me know what you think? Leave me your comments. While you're at it, check out some of my other post here and here . Love Ivy Ekong.