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Instagram Moments | Weekly Instagram Ootd

Instagram Moments | Weekly Instagram Ootd

Mar 08, 2017


Instagram moments as I mentioned in one of my previous post  is a round of of my weekly Instagram post. I decided to start doing the Instagram moments post when I was told by a reader that there are some photos that appear on my Instagram page that do not appear on this blog and rightly  so. You can read that post which I have linked above.

[ad name="HTML-1"] Before I continue further, I would like to wish all you amazing women out there a Happy International Women's Day. Like I said this morning during one of my Instagram moments; ''We are strong women. We are stronger than we know or even admit we are. I'm honored to have great and amazing women in my life. Let's keep supporting one another, let's keep lifting each other up, let's keep motivating one another.''  In additional to this,  I would say that this world wouldn't be a better place without us women. This means that as women we have a super power, we are great at multi-tasking, we are patient no matter the situation, (Not all the time. I know), we're kind. Also if we all stand together in unity, supporting and lifting one another as we go through life, then we would have conquered the world!

Another Instagram moment for last week was this blue fur coat, and black assemble that received a lot of buzz on my Instagram page. This outfit was shot in 2014 and was a throw back post. I was surprised to see the response it received. Some people love the outfit, while others love the pose. Whichever category you belong, thank you for the love on this post.

It was also Gabriella's birthday last week and my beautiful Princess turned 7. I am so lucky to have raised a beautiful  7 year old. Gabriella is a smart, loving, and amazing, little girl whom we all adore. I posted this photo during one of my Instagram moments last week, and like the angels that you guys are, you showered Gabriella with so much love, prayers, and well wishes. I just want to say a big thank you for the continuous love and support that you all  have shown me and my family over the years.

o Gabriella, mummy loves you till the end of time. Thanks for Instagram roundup for this week. If you follow me on Instagram, leave me a comment. Here are other post you may want to read here,  here and here  Till my next post. Stay fabulous! Love Ivy Ekong