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Spring Wardrobe Detox - 2017

Spring Wardrobe Detox - 2017

Mar 16, 2017


Spring is just around the corner, and am super excited to finally get start decluttering my wardrobe. Surely at different points in time, we feel the necessity to change or declutter our wardrobe and what better time to have a wardrobe detox than for spring. New season, new wardrobe! Isn’t that what they say; It's time to mount courage and stop hoarding those outfits that would never be worn and do away with those warm jackets that we wore all winter. A closet filled with clothes and accessories doesn't always mean a fashionable up to date wardrobe. If you find yourself in this predicament, then it's time for a spring wardrobe detox. Although it can be tedious and challenging, see it as an exercise or a fun activity that will not only help dressing up easier, but will also boost your image and self-confidence.

The detox process needs brutal realistic decisions to be made. Clothes that don't fit or haven't been worn for over six months, pieces that don't suit your personal style, or complement other items need to be given away or sold off. In most cases our winter wardrobe is filled with black and neutral shades. This means that during our spring wardrobe detox we need to consider adding some colors to our wardrobe. Spring wardrobe detox just like any other detox can be time consuming. So set aside a day or better still, break down the processes into days to make things easier. [ad name="HTML-3"]

To achieve your ideal Spring wardrobe, follow these few steps; - Move out everything in your wardrobe space. The essence of this step is to completely empty your closet so as to have a clean canvas to start your dream closet. If you do not at this point have a huge pile of clothes lying around, then you haven’t emptied everything. What I usually do here is to start first with the clothing, then move to the accessory part of your closet after. - The next step is to sort out all the pieces and examine them to ensure they are still in a good state. The cloth items are to be sorted out into; those that are still functional, those to be given away, those that need fixing and those that need to be sold. (valuables and vintage items). Be honest to yourself. I know from experience when I use to style my clients wardrobe that people are very sentimental to their belongings. In this case, ask a friend to join you as you may need a second opinion to let that favorite top go. While you declutter, bear in mind the pieces that fit with your personal style. Make sure you take notes of what you have and what you need to replace. You can reinvest the money from the pieces you sold into buying new pieces after your spring wardrobe detox.

Organization of outfits can be made easy with the use of hangers, racks and shelves because they help sort things out into different compartments and are easy to reach. From the pieces you're left with from the second step, sort the items by color, frequently and non-frequently worn, item type or what every way would work for you, that way, clothes can be easily reached, time and energy is saved. Organizing clothes are not just pleasing to the eye but reduce stress and bring about ease and relief. - If you have managed to have a spring wardrobe detox, then move to your accessories. Accessories are easy to detox once you have thoroughly detoxed your clothing. When you’re doing this, try to match outfits at the same time. Wouldn’t it be great to have outfits for the new 4-5 weeks ready to be worn? This is not rocket science it can be achieved by you. If you made it past this point, your dream closet has been accomplished. Let's not be deceived that our closets would forever remain this way, effort has to be made regularly for mini wardrobe detoxes, that way your wardrobe stays fashion forward while bearing your signature style. While you're busy cleaning up your wardrobe for spring. Check out these other post herehere, and here. Happy spring cleaning. Xoxo Ivy Ekong