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Sep 12, 2016


Since its Fashion Week month, starting with NYFW,  I will be reviewing some collection that personally appeals to me and my personal style over the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned! NYFW is one of the most popular fashion Week in the world. Fashion bloggers and celebrities line up to be invited for the show. If you've ever attended NYFW, you will understand what I mean. Very well known designers who have huge talent in what they do often showcase at NYFW. We are starting off with designing duo Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie. These two sure know how to make a woman look and feel sexy and stylish too. Proven by their flirty runway looks, you can expect to see subtle displays of skin through high slits, cut outs and cold shoulders. Their Spring/Summer collection seems to be marketable to all women. I love the cut- outs and I think it worked for most pieces. One of my favorite pieces was the black long detailed one hand dress (Image 2) . Also the peach cut-out jumpsuit. Which woman wouldn't love these? Weather you are a natural, romantic, dramatic, or a city-chic, there is something for everyone in this collection.


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