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Sep 14, 2016


Look chic, fierce and glam with this easy to wear trend, some even call the black and white trend  the lazy trend. As neutral as these colors are, they portray the necessary appeal for any function or occasion. The best part of wearing black and white outfits is that you can almost never over do it. Its very necessary to have these in your wardrobe especially for women who do not find colored outfits attractive, or who simply lack the finesse of matching colors. These monochrome colors are tranquil and believe it or not, it gives the aura of been calm and serene.


My favorite go to celebrity for black and white trends is definitely Janelle Monae. Her black tuxedo, white shirt and black tie always look chic on her. The beauty of black and white outfits is that they work well with anything or accessory, however way you want to wear them. When it comes to styling black and white outfits, anything goes, try out these ensembles and you can't go wrong; - A little white dress paired with black accessories and in reverse, an LBD with metallic, white or silver accessories. These accessories could be simple to chunky neckpieces, clutches, bags, shoes and even glasses. - Add a pop of color to your black and white outfit. Any color would go. I personally love pairing with nudes or red, but then we're all allowed to play around with whatever color. Its also about your mood too. - Go edgy with a white innershirt, black leather jacket and denim, high boots and a black headwarmer. - A black dress and white school bag (Rucksack) is one ensemble I'm in love with simply because in its simplicity, it uncovers the youth in a lady, besides, it is also good for back to school outfits. - I won't just stop at having white and black single outfits, it would be awesome to have strips and checker black and white. It adds an extra flair and beauty to the entire outfit. Whether it comes in the form of a skirt, top, gown or overall, pair it with whatever color for a neat finish. - An all white well tailored suit and a black crop top with black court heels is just everything. This ensemble is just the height of elegance. Ultimately no one can turn you down when you're wearing this outfit.

Do not be scared to try out any of these ensembles, all body shape and size work perfectly. The power of accessories are needed to totally slay, use them to complete your outfit as well as serve as pop of colors on the white and black outfit. Whatever the occasion or function may be, steal the show with this killer trend. And most importantly put on your killer smile, it does wonders. Have fun styling your outfit and let me know how you did yours in the comment section below. My top is from my online store launching soon. But you can pre-order.(  Send an email to, Trousers are from Zara Moschino bag and heels from here. Xoxo