New Year, New You

I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season. I was asked by someone yesterday what my new year resolutions are? New Year resolutions are a big thing for some people, although most of them only last around a week or two! Personally, I prefer to try to make an assessment of my life and spend a little time trying to mentally clear my excess baggage. This process can also be applied to our lives and homes with the New Year as a catalyst for long term change. It can be easy to talk about letting go of all those things or behaviours that can hold us back but doing something about them can be trickier. The key to success in the process is being confident in yourself, knowing who you are and what you want. Sure, we look at the black fashion magazines in London for inspiration about current trends and styles but beneath all of this, we need to know ourselves and have confidence. Once you have a firm sense of yourself, your aims and goals and who you are, then you can make a harsh assessment of all the rest of it and see what doesn’t fit in this New Year . It may be that you want to try a different diet because you are a little unhappy with an element of your shape or a lack of energy. It may be that you want to change your style in some subtle ways or even your appearance with a new hairstyle. After you have carried out that soul searching assessment and have a list of what is staying and what is going, then you can start moving forward. As well as changes to your style and your appearance, you may also want to include changes to your lifestyle. For example, making sure you spend time with friends and family – it is easy to get carried away in the pace of life and suddenly realise weeks have gone by since you saw them. Those we love are the greatest gift we have and is one that should never be ignored especially in the New Year. These changes and alternations may not come easy but once you do put them in place, stick to them this New Year. It is easy to slip back into bad habits, bad mental approaches or lazy attitudes but once you have cleared them from your life, don’t let them back in. The new you will shine with your happiness and style and there is no reason that you will want to let this go once you have it! So as we celebrate the New Year and say goodbye to 2015, don’t forget to leave yourself a little time for that self-reflection and anticipate the good changes it will bring for next year. My top is - Balmain for H&M Leather pants: Michealkors Heels: Jimmy Choo Bag: Chanel Jewellery is from my collection for IconMode. My team and I wishes you lovelies the best new year ever. Love Ivy

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