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Colour Of The Year 2016 Unveiled

Colour Of The Year 2016 Unveiled

Jan 04, 2016


It’s that time of year again, when those colour experts at Pantone tell us about the colour trends that are going to dominate in the coming year and their Colour of the Year 2016 is unveiled. This year, the company have made the unusual move of naming two colours of the year – which just means even more wardrobe options! If you haven’t heard about Pantone and their Colour of the Year before now, let me tell you a little about them. These are the people who invented the Pantone Matching System that is used in lots of industries including fashion. This allows a standard colour system to be used with each colour having a name and number – there are currently over 1,000 of them! Each year the company declares a colour for the year. They meet up in a secret location to discuss what colour they are going to choose and go for something that ‘connects with the zeitgeist’ or the spirit of the times. Last year’s colour was called Marsala and was a little bit of an uninspiring reddish brown. This year’s colours are much more fun – they are called rose quartz and serenity. Rose quartz is the colour of the gemstone, a light rose pink while serenity is a soft blue. According to Pantone, these colours represent a world that ‘still fiercely forces gender equality’ but in choosing the shades, they are seeking to break down these stereotypes. Styling the colours: There are lots of different options for your wardrobe this year – you can favour one or the other or you can combine the two! The black fashion blogs in London are already filled ideas and suggestions about how to style the colours. Blue is usually a very good colour for black skinned women and men and can be worn with most colours. The first big suggestion is that you embrace the sugary sweetness of the colours. I like the idea of wearing silky materials in either of the shades and tailored silhouettes work really well with this kind of style. Think button down shirts in the blue with pale pink trousers – sweet yet sophisticated. A-line skirts are another style that I like for this kind of look when paired with a fitted top or a bodysuit. Length is a personal choice but knee length with coordinating pumps is always an easy look to wear. Fit and flare dresses are another look that fit in with the pastel shades well while asymmetrical styles with one shade contrasting the other has immediately proven popular. You can go as girlie as you want with lace and floral patterns or keep it simple.

Accessories: There are also plenty of accessories available that either match the colours or have been released because of them. Burberry’s Giant Check Print Wool and Silk Scarf is an example of a scarf that matches the rose quartz colour while the Kate Spade Triple Kick Swallow Sneakers are definitely siding with the serenity blue. For bags and shoes that are available in both shades, check out the Valentino Rockstud range from net-a-porter. With their calfskin material and stud detail, they are a slightly edgier side of those soft and gentle pastel shades. Disclaimer: Images featured are from Google Images. They are not owned by me. Love, Ivy.