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Classic Red

Classic Red

Jan 11, 2016


Reds are not for the manicured, prim and pretty, conservative and middle-aged. They’re for the loose cannons with beaten up kicks or none at all. Wearing an all red outfits is not for the faint hearted. A lot of people can get away with an all back outfit, but not everyone can with an all red ensemble. If you've got a dark or dark brown hair you can get away with this colour.

Pairing up outfits with depth keeps me inspired. Red has different shades probably up to 50, but you can never go wrong if you pair any shade of red with a nude colour as I have done with my nude Chanel Bag. What a nude accessory does for this kind of outfit is that it tones down the bright red colour. This outfit was bought as a set from Lavish Alice and I have had it for a while now. What better time to wear it than now when we are all still feeling the vibes of Christmas. Wether from different brands or from different collections, they still look pretty incredible when worn together.. image At this time of the year I'm expected to cover up in layers and wear neutral colours such as grey, black, white, brown, cream etc, because the fashion industry has filled our fashionable hearts with seasons and trends. As most of you know I am not a trend follower, I'm a trend setter. In other words on the whole, I’ve come to avoid the Spring/Summer staple over the past few years, and further, to realise that designers’ re-adaptations year to year only succeed when in celebration of modelled sculpture and runways. image I’m not terribly interested in covering up in the cold or putting up my hair in a bun as would be expected. I want to see fashionistas out and about wearing colours and pastels. I have seen too much black outfits in the past few months to last me a life time. Colours reflects your inner peace and beauty. What better time to wear colours than in the new year. image Heels are a must for this kind of look. My red heel from Kurt Geiger are a must have because they are super comfy. I have worn these red heels in some of my past looks on this site and my social media pages if you want to have a look at some of my older post. The same is to be said for make up, and accessories of any kind. An all red outfit is worth giving a try if you are bold enough to make a fashion statement and a wow factor . image Outfit details: Lavish Alice peg trouser Lavish Alice Collarless Cape coat Heels: Kurt Geiger London. Bag: Classic Chanel Have a lovely week you all. Love Ivy.