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Lady Dior Bag

Lady Dior Bag

Dec 14, 2015


You guys know that I love bags and shoes right ? Well, I have decided to share one of the most iconic and one of my best handbags with you guys. We have talked before about the importance of accessories in finishing your style and making you feel confident. Top of my list of items that you should never leave home without is the bag and one of my favourites is the Lady Dior bag. But more than just looking stylish and having somewhere to keep essentials, a great bag is also a great self-confidence booster.

 The Lady Dior bag is an iconic style from Dior that is the essential lady’s bag. These bags have a beautiful simplicity to their style which means they work with any outfit and there are a number of variations. The Classics range, for one, comes in three different sizes so no matter how much you need to take with you, there is the perfect bag. Made from black lambskin, the Lady Dior bags have a woven design called cannage that Christian Dior took from the Napoleon III chairs he adored. Nor is the Lady Dior bag just about a simple, classic black look. The range also has something for all colour fans! From the brilliant red Spring 2016 range with its pearlised patent calfskin to the Espirit Dior Tokyo with its silver-tone metallic calfskin material and micro-cannage styling, these bags offer the perfect match for any outfit. No matter what the colour or detailing, they all have that unmistakable Lady Dior bag look.

 There are lots of ways to boost your self-confidence and make you walk tall and proud. Finding your style and carrying it off is top of the list and using accessories such as the Lady Dior bag can be a big part of this. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a Lady Dior bag – it depends on what you like! If you don’t know what you like or what bag goes with your style, then take a look at the black fashion magazines in London. Look at the people who you see as style icons, as your inspiration to your style. Then see what accessories they use and how they use them. What I mean by this is that they take a bag like the Lady Dior bag, sit it across their arm and show it off to the world. They are feminine and attractive but also confident and sure of what they look like. They know they are wearing what works for them and that gives them confidence. How many times do you see a celebrity wearing something that isn’t their style and realise that by the look at their faces. Adding the right bag to your outfit finishes your style, gives you that boost of confidence and is also crucial for all those items you can’t leave the house without.

Let’s not forget that a bag is the place for your smartphone or tablet, make up and other essential! So really, as well as boosting your confidence and finishing your style, it is a completely practical items to spend your money on. Now you know my perfect bag is the Lady Dior bag. So now, the question is – what is your perfect bag? Love Ivy