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How To Style Shift Dress Effortlessly

How To Style Shift Dress Effortlessly

Sep 27, 2019


Shift dress are a must have. They are usually a great choice when you’re feeling bloated and wants to wear something with a loose fit.  So, it’s great to have a pair or two in your closet. This Zara shift dress I’m wearing is so loose but I styled it with a belt for a form fit.

Shift dresses are so extremely versatile piece of clothing that ideally suits weekends, work, date nights, or cocktail parties, etc. What I love the most about this style, is the straight fit. It ideally looks great on every body type. You can either go for a looser fit or glamour tight look. If not, just ‘’put a belt on it’’.  Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy made this style famous in the late 1950s. Shift dress looks both simple and professional. Some of you might say this dress lacks shape, trust me, that’s a great plus, as you can style it however you like.

BELTS Belts are an important part of styling a shift dress. Some may ask, why bother buying a shift dress if you are still going to give it a form of shape with a belt on. Well, styling your shift dress with a belt is not a must, it's just great to know it versatility. It depends on how you feel and how you want to look at that point in time. I personally wear belts all the time even with pencil and well-shaped dresses. For me, styling your outfit with a belt just gives the outfit a new type of vibe and a classic look which I very much like.  Like this zara dress , I wore it with a belt on this occasion and there have been some other occasions when I wore it without one. It really depends on your mood.  Ultimately, you decide if a belt is needed or not. Even though we all know that a belt adds shape to your silhouette and makes you look sexier, as well as accentuates your best features. SHOES When it comes to shoes, you can choose whatever you like, starting from casual wedges, sandals and sneakers to fancy heels and stiletto pumps. Of course, everything depends on what kind of party or place you are going.  It’s very important to choose an appropriate footwear, as it can either make or break your outfit. JEWELLERY Speaking of jewellery and accessories, it’s very important to keep things elegant, without overloading your look. There are million ways you can create with a shift dress this year, all you need is to find your favourite look. Whatever you do make sure it reflects your personal style. Shop similar looks on here  Let me know what you think, and tag my on your photos wearing yours on Instagram