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How to Be Inspired by Celebrities to Reach Your Dream

Nov 02, 2015


Many of us look to celebrities for lots of reasons – what’s in fashion, how we might do our hair, what jewellery to wear with an outfit. But there is something bigger that we can gleam from the rich and famous of our world. We can look at them and find how to be inspired by celebrities to reach our dreams.

There’s a saying – ‘you have as many hours in your day as Victoria Beckham’. It is true but it is also a bit simplistic because we don’t all have the resources and the network that someone like Victoria and other very successful Black African Women has access to. However what we can consider is how did she reach the point she is at? What work did she do to get to that place and what does she do now to maximise her time? In essence, what was her dream, how did she start working towards it and how did she build up a network that helped her achieve her dream?

Hard work I didn’t start out where I am now, just like Victoria Beckham and many others, I had to work at it. And unless you are one of the tiny percent of people who are just ‘found’ without lifting a finger and have success thrust upon them, you will too. It involves a lot of hard work, dedication, management of time and missing out on the ‘fun’ stuff to concentrate on what is really important. You can see my picture where I am wearing a long black coat from ASOS and my YSL boots – I didn’t happen on that look without working at it.

This might mean that while your friends are out partying, you are working on your project. Others might be jetting off on a beach holiday while you are making a trip to meet people that will form part of your network. While your friends have a lazy day, sitting around in the PJs and watching TV, you are on your computer, organising your week ahead, replying to emails and networking. If you speak to most any successful person, this will have been their life. Regardless of whether the goal is becoming an actress, a fashion designed, an entrepreneur or any other career, hard work is the most crucial element. Giving up on the fun, casual stuff in favour of working towards your goals will feature on all of their lists of how to succeed.

Realistic goals Another thing those celebrities or successful people will tell you to do is manage your goals and be realistic. Look at your goals as a series of steps, one leading to another. Don’t just look at the end result but plan how you are going to get there. Focus on the steps you need to take and how you are going to achieve each step in the plan. Going back to successful celebrities like Victoria Beckham, they are a bit like laser beams. They know what they want, they see a path to achieving this and they stick to it. There are no days off, weeks where you forget everything for a vacation or times when you put the plan on hold. Being successful in whatever aspect you are aiming for is about being a bit ruthless – put your plan into action and stick to it. Only deviate from it when you acknowledge that something isn’t working.

That last is the other point I want to make – being realistic about your goals and how your plan is going. Everyone has set backs and failures along the way but you need to learn from them and adapt accordingly. Ask a self-made millionaire if they ever lost money, failed in an investment or made the wrong decision – they will tell you they made lots of them but each taught them something. And in the end, by adapting your plan with those lessons you will fulfil your dream. Am wearing: Asos black dress, Asos black long coat, Chanel Brooches, Chanel Bag, YSL knee high boots Model &Stylist : IVY EKONG Photographed by : MEGAN DWYER