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Oct 28, 2015


Choosing a Winter Coat – Warm and Stylish There’s no doubt that winter is on its way with the nights closing in and the temperatures taking a downward turn. While this might mean putting some of your wardrobe to bed until spring, it also means other elements coming to the fore and one of these is the winter’s coat. There are two elements to balance when choosing a winter coat – warm and stylish – and here are some tips for both.

Gucci Black Coat

Maje red longline coat

Asos curve faux coat Just because it can be functional, you still want to look good in your winter coat. While looking at the current fashions is important, you also need to apply these around your own shape and size. The height of African fashion only looks good if it suits your body. The first thing most of us look for when we choose a winter’s coat style is that is lengthens our figures and flatters our silhouette. Height is a big factor in this. For example, if you are a petit height then avoid the very long coats or the mid-calf lengths as these will only make you look shorter. Knee length is the best option for the shorter woman as it shows off the lower legs and makes them look taller. On the turn side, the tall lady should also keep away from the very longest coats as this emphasises their height – instead aim for three-quarter length versions. [caption id="attachment_975" align="alignleft" width="3264"]Processed with Moldiv Other features of the coat that can have an impact are the belt and pockets. If the coat has a belt, this can help to highlight the best of a figure but if you lack a defined waist then keep away from them. Pockets can also be a benefit but in the right place – if you have wider hips then big pockets aren’t your friend!

Monki collarless coat

Multicoloured coat So armed with the ideas about what your ideal coat will look like, you can then start seeing what the trends are and how you can put the two together. According to some experts, pastel colours are a big trend for winter, a time traditionally associated with darker shades. In fact, white coats are a big trend this year – they may not be the most practical colour but they look great. Ladylike styles are also very current for the winter with waist cinching belts or broad fluffy collars being elements that many of the fashion houses are opting for. These styles come in all different lengths so no matter what length works for you, there will be the perfect coat to match.  At the dressier end of the scale, a lot of styles from the 1940s and 1950s are being reinvented for this winter for the Christmas party period. There are trapeze cuts and cocktail coats that have princess sleeves all being worn on the catwalk and being interpreted on the high street as well. Dressing like a Hollywood star of times past has never been more fashionable and the coat that fits in with the look rounds off your style perfectly!