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Happy New Month everyone. Splurge on my outfit

Sep 01, 2014


Happy new month everyone. I pray this month brings us everything that we hope and wish for. Amen. Today I’m wearing this beautiful playsuit from love label, and a Christian Louboutin The Pigalle 85 patent – Leather Pumps from Net-a-porter. Like I always say ladies, don’t spend so much on clothes instead splurge on accessories. Handbags, shoes and fine gold and diamonds are accessories that appreciate in value as the years go by. You will wear your expensive shoes and hand bags for years, and still be able to sell it for a good amount when you are tired of it or when you need cash urgently. As for jewelries they appreciate in value. The more you keep them, the more you make a profit out of it. Whereas no matter how expensive your clothes are, once it’s worn once or twice, it will automatically depreciate in value. Clothes are seasonal, which means a particular style goes out of season for another, whereas accessories are not. I hope you ladies understand what I mean. So go girls, start splurging. You can get my outfit here: