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Ivyekongdairy- Have I Ever Worn My Natural Hair?

Aug 31, 2014


I often get asked if I have ever worn my natural hair, if all I wear are hair extensions? This has inspired me to write this post. Honestly,while looking for pictures for this post I just realised that I only have one picture with my natural hair . Oh dear! That answers your questions. I do wear a lot of hair extensions, if I was to be given a choice between my phone and my hair extensions, I will gladly pick my hair extensions. My natural hair is not that fantastic but I’m working on regrowing it gradually. I don’t like wearing my natural hair because I hate having to comb my hair every morning and to tie it into a bun. It’s time consuming for me. It might be different for you, but this is my honest opinion from my personal experience. Luckily for me I have a hair line IconMode hair, All the hair extensions I wear are from my hairline. They are super soft and 100% human. My hairstylist Monica is so good too that we both like to experiment with my hair. I have worn, black, brown, gold, blonde,red hair. I just love experimenting with hair colours because I think wearing one particular hair colour forever is boring. It’s very fashionable to change your looks once in a while. So yes, your question has been answered. Are you like me? Have you ever worn your natural hair for more than a week all your life? Share your opinions. Feel free to share this post. Till my next post, Stay fashionable. Xoxo Ivy Ekong