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Bloggers fashion week and as a fashionista

Sep 05, 2014


Hello dolls, I was at an event recently. It’s called bloggers fashion week and as a fashionista I got a VIP access.  I was so looking forward to the models showcasing different designer collections, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. My camera wasn’t at its best behaviour, all my images are blurred. These are the ones I took with my phone, thank God! I hope the images isn’t too bad. I was wearing Zara from head to toe *I love Zara collection*. Yellow coat: Black tailored shorts: Red pumps: Bag: Ted I will upload a pics with my shoes tomorrow.   I met a very talented makeup artist, who made up all the models. Her name is Grace Holmes. You can follow her on Instagram@graceholmesmua_x. We messed about a little but and took some funny pics.   Okay! Am done for tonight. Time to hit my bed now. Until my next post. For more photos, follow me on Instagram @ivy_ekong Love you guys. Xx Ivy.