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Christmas Gift Ideas Him, Her, and Kids

Dec 09, 2015


I have been working all night to bring you lovelies this selection of some Christmas gift ideas I think your loved ones will be happy to receive. There are just a few weeks left before Christmas and most of us have a list of people that we need to get gifts for. Some of them are the easy ones, the ones that you instantly know what to get. Then there are the more awkward ones were you don't know what Christmas gift to buy. So here are some inspirational top Christmas gift ideas to help find the perfect present.  Gifts for the kids Kids can be tricky to buy Christmas gift for, especially if they aren’t your own. According to top retailers, the film and TV world are still having a major impact on what kids want for Christmas this year. Most kids even my own girls are still very much obsessed with Frozen/ Disney characters. LEGO remains popular with boys while the fashionable Friends range is perfect for young ladies with its beauty salons, fashion shows and gorgeous little cars. Anything Star Wars related will likely be appreciated by the boys with the new film being released just before Christmas. Even Furby has gone into the Star Wars trend with their Furbacca toy – an instant hit that covers two big favourites. For the older kids, the trendiest gift is the hoverboard or self-balancing boards, there seems to be so many names for them! The RED5 is the one that is grabbing the headlines at the moment as it uses pressure sensitive pads to make it easy to control. It’s one of those gifts that you get for the kids and end up stealing yourself because it seems so much fun. I personally like the UGG winter boots and both of my girls have a pair which looks really cute on them. If your daughter is like mine she would love bracelets and jewelleries too. Whatever Christmas gift you are buying for kids this year, make sure they are gifts they will actually use on a daily basis and for a long time too.

Gifts for her One of the great things about Christmas gifts is that you can go as small or as big as you want. I have put together Christmas gift ideas below £100 and Christmas gift ideas that are more of a splurge if you want to go abit overboard. I know I adore getting a gifts from my favourite online website or high street boutique. I always make it easy for my husband to buy me a gift by writing down gifts I have seen in black fashion magazines in London and many ladies are the same. Miniature fragrance sets also make a great present and allow someone to try a set of different scents to find their perfect match. Accessories makes the outfit, as I have said before, and Christmas is a good time to pass on this to a friend. Coin purses are an ideal small gift for a special friend such as the Kenzo coin purses. Whether they are into metallic heels, News season designer bags, beauty products, ‘Cosmetics, there are loads to choose from.

Gifts for him One thing many of the guys enjoy is a good gadget and big on the list this year are wearables. Top of the list are the fitness trackers that are great for keeping yourself in shape. The Fitbit ranges are popular because there are different models with different features – the Charge HR even offers continuous heart rate monitoring and daily stats to your smartphone. The Apple Watch is one everyone has heard of but it isn’t the only option on the market. The Android Wear watch is a good variation as well as versions from BlackBerry and Tizen. If you want style as well as functionality, then the Samsung watch is getting top marks - and it looks great on the wrist! Christmas gift such as wallets, t-shirts, shoes, also makes great gift for Men. All the gift featured on this post can be purchased from cruise Have fun while you are out shopping. Also get it done quickly enough before the shops starts getting filled up with long queues. Love Ivy