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Blog And Instagram Photo Creating Tips For Bloggers

Blog And Instagram Photo Creating Tips For Bloggers

Feb 16, 2017


As many of you already know I post Instagram and blog photos almost on a daily basis, not because I'm a professional in photography, but because I have sort of mastered how to take photos for my blog and my Instagram page as well. You don't not need to be a guru to be able to do this. People often ask if it's very hard to create blog and social media content? I wouldn't say it's hard because I love and enjoy what I do. So for me it's fun, and am happy to write and take photos all day  and all year long! The most important thing to consider if you're a blogger or own a blog is to find an opportunity in every moment. Here are some of my tips:

Find the outfit A perfect outfit makes a perfect picture. This is one of the most important point here. Once you're able to pull your outfit together and style it beautifully, it will surely reflect on  your blog photos and the general end result of your images. When styling your outfit, make sure it's suits your style personality. Reach for colourful  or neutral combinations and pair them with the right accessories. Find a location Find the best location that suits your blog and Instagram feed. Last year I really didn't mind regarding this. I took my photos in random places and didn't really look out for a good background.  But this year one of my blog resolutions is to make my feed as plain as possible. So I look for plain background and not a background that's too busy or filled with distractions. That way my outfit can be the focus of attention and not the background. I'm still working on perfecting this new year resolution of mine, it will be great if you can start doing that too. Keep your eyes peeled especially around your neighbourhood. Chances are there's one just within a walking distance from you.

Lighting Lighting is also a very essential part of your blog and Instagram images. I always wait for the sun to be out because you get  better images when you're facing the direction of the sun. If the lighting is not good, then the outfit will show poorly in the photos. So consider using natural lighting and then you can do a bit more when retouching the images. ( I will discuss retouching tools in another topic). Have a helping hand Once your outfit, location and lighting have been sorted, you need a helping hand to help take your photos. This is where everyone in my family comes in. Even though I work, and have worked with some great professional photographers, it comes very handy sometimes when you can ask your husband, friends, and family to help take you photos. My 7 year old also helps sometimes (She genuinely loves photography).  This just makes it easier and less stressful. When you have a helping hand it also makes it possible to shoot in the right angles and also focus on your accessories. Instagram square photos If you plan to upload your photos straight to Instagram consider using a photo editing app to make it square that way it will show clearly on Instagram. There is also an inbuilt Instagram photo tool which you can use to adjust your images to the right proportions. I will talk more regarding this in another post as this has a lot to do with editing and apps that are great for editing photos.

Other essentials to consider  Consider trying different angles while shooting your blog and Instagram photos. Also try to keep it casual because you want people to identify easily with your style. Another thing to consider is taking photos of your accessories. I always post my accessories when I sometimes don't have any photo to post, or haven't shot new images. They're great for your Instagram feed too. One more thing, take tons and tons of photos. I had to learn this the hard way. It's always great to have a lot to choose from, because some angles work better than others. So take a lot of photos so that you can make better choices. Practice!practise! practise!  Keep practising until you perfect your blog and Instagram photos. Don't be afraid to try out different look, angles, camera settings, background, etc. Creativity is key here. If you're a blogger then of course you should be creative enough to nail all your images perfectly. If you need more tips, send me an email and I will be happy to help. By the way my outfit is from here My gorgeous heels which I adore are by Armani. (bought these beauties a few years ago) My bag can be purchased here