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Best Looks Of 2018

Best Looks Of 2018

Nov 13, 2018


Hello my loves, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The air smells like Christmas, the shops are filled with Christmas gift and items and of course I already had a Christmas pudding (haha)! It is indeed my favourite time of the year. Since the beginning of January 2017, so many trends have come and gone but I an say with pride that I have managed to retain my personal style. For me its never about trends but being true to yourself and showing that through the way you dress and of course your overall style. Here are some of my favourite outfits ensemble for 2018.

I wore this outfit during my trip to Abudhabi a few months ago. I love how classic this look is and its one of my favourites.  Get similar looks here

Another look I love from my trip to Spain a few weeks ago. I'm wearing a metallic dress from, my jacket is from ivyekongfashion and heels from here.

This outfit was an absolute bomb. I love it and will be repeating this look in the near future. I wore this ivyekongfashion dress to a Christmas party last weekend. I'm so in love! It's a must have.

One of my absolute favourite. This was an effortless ensemble for me. I still remember how I quickly threw this ensemble together as I was running late for my appointment on that day. It's basically a jacket, a pair of tights and heels. Well, look how it turned out. Fabulous!!

A scarf is the best accessories any woman can wear. Wrap it round your handbag, your neck, body, or however you want. It does elevate an outfit. This was in Spain.

Another one of my favourites in Miami. Yes, I looove travelling. Lol

I just realised that I post more on Instagram than here. I promise to post here more often especially for those of you that do not have an Instagram account. This is my final look for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading. Don't forget to check out my other post herehere and here. If you're not following me on Insta yet, do follow and I will do same. Love Ivy