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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Nov 14, 2015



It's that time of the year again, when some of us do need to travel to spend the Christmas holiday with our loved ones. I thought I should do a post to guide you on travel essentials. Whether you are going away for the weekend, a few days in the sun or a fortnight long adventure holiday, there are some essential items that just have to be taken with you. What they are might be slightly different for each person but there are some things that we women simply cannot leave the house without!


Getting organised From a single suitcase to a set of luggage for a long trip, there is plenty of perfect luggage to choose from ahead of the flight. Think about what you are going to need to take and how much space this will use, as well as leaving a little room for anything extra you bring back with you. After all, you never know when you might find an exclusive boutique, a special pair of shoes or a keepsake that will look perfect in your house. The first thing to look at packing is also the last thing you check before you depart. This is your travel documents and will likely include passport, any ID you want to take, travel insurance paperwork as well as all the information about the trip. This might be tickets for the flight, the hotel reservation and transportation information. Keep your emergency contacts with all of this.


Carry-on bags If you are flying, then the carry-on bag ( also referred to as hand luggage)  is the one that goes with you on the flight and contains everything you need to get access to during it. Remember you have to carry it at all times so don’t go too heavy. Consider putting your travel essentials into this bag such as your mobile phone charger, a tablet and its charger as well as headphones. You may want to keep your camera in this bag if you are taking one, along with its charger and other equipment. Also in this bag will go books or the latest edition of that black fashion magazine in London that you can’t live without. Travel pillows, eye masks, ear plugs and even a blanket may go into this bag depending on room and your needs. Wet wipes and any prescriptions will also join the collection. Do not include any creams or liquid in your travel hand luggage as they may get seized depending on the airline. I had such a bad experience with this in the past and all my new body and facial products including my Chanel no 5 perfumes were all thrown in the bin right in front of me. I was so upset and had to purchase everything again when I arrived in Dubai. Be  sure not to make such mistake.


Main bags Your main bag is the one that goes into the hold of the plane or may be the one you use on a weekend trip in this country. Wheels are essential to get the bag around without needing to carry it. Now comes the hard part – choosing what to take in the clothes department! Think about where you are going and what you will be doing. Look at items that can be swapped around for different looks and don’t forget to add practical clothes and shoes if you are doing sightseeing. Underwear and sleepwear go into the bag as do jewellery and other accessories complementing your outfits. Some women create a capsule wardrobe for holidays which contains mix and match outfits that save packing space but create a great range of outfits. Finally you will add your toiletry bag to this case. As I mentioned earlier, remember to check your travel airline rules about liquids, gels, aerosols and creams if you are flying to avoid embarrassing encounters at the check in desk. Don’t forget to take items such as spot removers to help cure any accidental stains on clothes as well as all the makeup essentials and haircare items you may need while away. Enjoy your travel, and do not forget to tag me your travel pictures on Instagram. Love Ivy.

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