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How To Plan  Holiday  Contents  As A Content  Creator

How To Plan Holiday Contents As A Content Creator

Feb 24, 2023



Planning consistent holiday content an a content creator and influencer can be sometimes very challenging. I constantly get asked this question. Most bloggers wants to know how  to plan contents ahead of time.  Be it holiday or seasonal content, it is very important to have a plan. For example it’s almost summer , and for most bloggers this season is usually when we get a lot of sponsored post, holiday  and product- driven post. Even though you it’s still a good thing for you to have a brand sponsor a post(s) as a way of advertising this season, don’t forget that your followers will still want to see genuine and non promotional post.  It is very crucial to go an extra mile to give your followers an experience and something they truly would enjoy reading on your blog. So you need to find a way to strike a balance when it comes to this, so that you do not phase  out your usual content. 


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As an influencer, in order to tie together coherent content and advertised content around this time, consider building creative around a particular theme and colour palette to natural flow with your blog. That way there will be a coherent element that ties together advertised and organic content. 

Trust me, your followers want to see much more than #ad. In other not to alienate your followers, it is important to maintain some level of consistency. 


  1. Pre- planning :

I cannot over emphasis how important this is. When you Pre-plan your content, it makes your life so much easier as an influencer. You’re also able to tell brands who wants to work with you exactly when their sponsored post will be published rather than making false promises that you may not be able to fulfill. That usually leads to distrust and you don’t want that from brands. Consider putting together a calendar with benchmarks of specific brands you want to reach out to at different times. Shape your outreach plan accordingly – especially depending on your ask and the requirements of the potential collaboration. Doing this will also ultimately help you prioritize what matters to you and your followers during this time.


2. Flexibility:

As an influencer it is up  to you  to decide  what matters to you and your audience, but it is also important to allow some flexibility as you plan your posting schedule. The start of summer  holiday or any holiday for that matter,  is usually the most busiest times of the year for so many including influencers, having said that, it is also important to consider and be abreast of what’s going on in the world and schedule your post to be sensitive around that. 

3. Consistency:

Consistency is critical no matter what season, but it is especially helpful to harness and maintain your unique point of view during the holidays so you can easily break through the noise. Be consistent in your posting. Especially now that summer  is approaching, there’s no shortage of posting because you can post about holiday ideas, Royal Ascot, races, what to wear to summer weddings  and so many more without boring out your followers. 

In a nutshell, planning more time-sensitive content, influencers have the chance to get creative in how they tie-up the loose ends within their content calendar. From in-store shopping events to panels to holiday dinners, influencers have options to tap into the real-time opportunities for posting. This approach can also open doors for more brand collaborations with the opportunities to take over a brand’s Instagram Stories for a day, participate in Facebook Live, or post moments from these special gatherings in real-time and invite your followers into the conversations. This in-the-moment approach allows influencers to do what they do best while also infusing authenticity that many crave during this promotion-heavy time.

Till my next post, stay fabulous! 

Ivy Ekong 



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