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Hilton Hotel - Top 4 Hilton Holiday Destination For Half Term

Hilton Hotel - Top 4 Hilton Holiday Destination For Half Term

Oct 13, 2017



Half term is fast approaching and if you’re a mum like me you should have or are in the process of making a quick travel plans for you and your family. If you have already made those plans, I would say bravo! But if you’re a last minute person like me then read on for my recommendations of 4 best Hilton hotels to stay.

Hilton London Kensington The Hilton in London Kensington is one of the best on my list. If you’re not planning to go far and still want a relaxed holiday, I do 100% recommend this hotel. It’s loved for its luxury and spectacular customer service which I have personally experienced. This hotel is a 4 star hotel though, but offers you a five star value for your money. I think it has over 600 rooms if I’m correct. It may not be the most luxurious place in London but they cater to both business and leisure travellers. Also suitable for family travellers with kids. You can book your hotel here Hilton Berlin Hilton Berlin is situated in the shopping district of Berlin, meaning you can literally walk out of your hotel room into the shops in just a few minutes. This is one if the reasons why I love this hotel. Hilton Berlin is a five star hotel too. Customer service is good too depending on individuals experiences. Berlin is also a beautiful country to visit and one of my favourite destinations if I want to make a short trip within Europe. Book your hotel hereHilton Tel Aviv Hilton Tel Aviv is a luxurious five star hotel with a sunny Israeli beach and a huge swimming pool. If you’re looking for a beach vacation, then this is surely the one I recommend. You will find all the conveniences and even much more than a tourist would expect in this hotel. One of the things I like about this hotel, is that your room service works everywhere around the hotel environment including the outdoor pool and beach. So you can lounge away while room service respond to your every need including, cocktail top ups and all. Also perfect for families travelling with kids. Book your stay hereHilton Malta This list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Hilton Malta. This Hilton hotel has a huge amount of ratings on trip advisor and of course the rating is excellent. The only complaint travelers usually make about this hotel is the fact that you need to pay for WiFi when it should be made free to hotel guest, and I agree. Apart from that, there’s nothing to fault in this hotel and of course a great location. Book your stay here. That is my recommendations based on personal experience and that of other travelers from my research. Enjoy your half term holiday. While you’re at it, check my other post herehere, and here. Till my next post, stay fabulous Love Ivy

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