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A Glimpse of Germany: Our Bite Sized Trip to Berlin.

A Glimpse of Germany: Our Bite Sized Trip to Berlin.

Sep 08, 2023


Ivy Ekong

A Glimpse of Germany: Our Bite Sized Trip to Berlin.

Fortunately, near the end of this years’ Summer Holidays I’ve had the pleasure of being able to visit Berlin once again. Though this isn’t my first time in the beautiful city I had a fabulous time exploring new sights and experiences that I haven’t had the opportunity to before with my family.

From its bustling streets to its deep history, the capital of Berlin provides any traveller with a captivating experience well worth remembering. Today I want to share the astonishing landmarks, iconic accommodation, and overall the highlights of my trip.


The main reason for our very short trip to Berlin was to attend my brother’s wedding (traditional wedding ceremony in the Nigerian culture).  Let me tell you a little bit about Nigeria’s traditional weddings for those of you are not used to our cultures’ wedding style here are a few main characteristics that set them apart. Traditional Nigerian weddings are extremely colourful and glamourous in the way we dress and the way the venue is set up, especially since they have a regal theme. Traditional weddings are also filled with mouth-watering Nigerian delicacies and guests from all over the globe (the particular wedding I attended had around 275-330 people) arriving with an abundance of gifts and well wishes. Finally, spraying the bride and groom with money (up to thousands of dollars) is a custom and one of the many highlights of these weddings , especially if you get sprayed yourself for your good dancing skills.


Where To Stay In Berlin

For our  stay,  my family and I spent our 4 days at Novotel am Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany. Luckily for me, Idy  has a platinum card with Accor hotels accommodations. So, we were kindly given an early check in and late check out plus some other goodies on arrival. The room that we stayed in was a lot more spacious than I thought it would be, which was a pleasant surprise and it incorporated the sleek German style of architecture that I don’t see all the time. However, the service wasn’t up to the standard of the many hotels I’ve stayed at before, which is to be expected as it is  a 4-star hotel, but overall it was an enjoyable stay with a good central location which I’ll talk about to finish.

I’m very glad that I got to stay in the heart of berlin as it gave excellent opportunity to visit a wide variety of stores and restaurants. A family favourite (especially amongst the kids and hubby) was Soban, Berlin. There we had flavourful, perfectly cooked Korean dishes which came in very large portions and even my husband (who is very critical) was impressed and really enjoyed his food along with the rest of us. We were also able to go on a Big Bus tour with my sister and her family, and experienced historical monuments including the last remnants of the Berlin wall and many other affordable restaurants that cater to a wide range of palates.  Waldorf Astoria was just a walk away from our hotel if you are up for the splurge.

For more regarding our Berlin trip, head to my YouTube channel to watch my Berlin travel vlog and also check out my Instagram for more picture and videos.

Until next time, stay fabulous!






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