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Wedding Outfit Inspiration - Tulle Perfection

Wedding Outfit Inspiration - Tulle Perfection

Jan 18, 2017


Wedding season is almost here. A lot of you have been asking me to write about spring wedding outfit inspiration. So I have finally decided to do a wedding outfit post, I hope someone finds this post useful. When we talk about wedding outfit, what usually comes to our mind is classy, serenity, and of course attention grabbing. Even though we are not the bride, we still want to be the centre of attention and that means we have to wear a "wow" outfit.

It's a common knowledge that tulle skirt is a perfect wedding outfit. It can be worn by bridesmaids, friends of the bride, mother of the bride and even the bride herself in some cases. The versatility of a tulle skirt is second to non, and did I say how fabulous they make you look! Even though I know there are thousands of wedding outfit inspiration out there, we are focusing on tulle skirt today. This tulle skirt was designed for my online store (launching soon) but I decided to change the design from long and flowing to a midi length. I actually don't know why I did that (intuition maybe). I feel that the midi length tulle is easier to pull off and wear to any occasion especially a weddings. You can sit comfortably in a midi length tulle skirt as well without too much hassle. You can't go wrong with a tulle skirt as a wedding guest, especially a city wedding. It doesn't matter how slim or big you are, this skirt will hide all your imperfections while still making you the centre of attention.

Accessories: I cannot over emphasise the power of accessories to an outfit. If you're a frequent visitor to this blog, you will be familiar with how I keep insisting on accessories in almost all my post. Your wedding outfit is not complete without the right accessories. Think of a classic Chanel handbag, Hermes and all the luxury handbags or clutches you can get your hands on. I always say to "splurge on your accessories" . Wear lots of pearl Jewellry (they say go big or go home ), just kidding! Wear heels if you're able to.  My point here is to wear what you're comfortable in as a wedding outfit, but wear it fabulously. Shop similar here and here Was this useful? Leave me your comments here or on my social media pages.