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Vegan, Gluten Free Diet- Does This Lifestyle Change Actually Work?

Vegan, Gluten Free Diet- Does This Lifestyle Change Actually Work?

Jan 20, 2019


Everyone is raving about the vegan diet. Just like every other diet, vegan diet is probably the hardest to follow especially those who love their meat. Two days ago I started the vegan and gluten free diet. I did already add the gluten free diet to my lifestyle months ago and wanted to give the vegan diet a try for the next few weeks. Even though I am currently having meat withdrawal symptoms, I 'm enjoying this new way of eating. I don't feel bloated anymore, and feel very light all day even after meals.  Also, you do not need to totally switch to a vegan diet, you can  gently implement it to your lifestyle. So, how do you get into the vegan diet mood? Here are a few things that can help your switch to the vegan diet:

EDUCATE YOURSELF ON WHY YOU SHOULD GIVE THIS A TRY  The vegan lifestyle becomes a lot easier when you understand why you are doing it. Also education is very important when trying anything new. Do a lot of research , ask questions, go to Netflix and watch some documentaries regarding why other people made a similar  lifestyle  change. PLAN YOUR MEALS AHEAD Planning what you are going to eat ahead of time is probably one of the best advice I can give. If you are not able to make yourself some big batches of vegan meals to store for everyday use, then head to Marks and Spencer to try their latest already prepared vegan meals. They are absolutely delicious. FIND THE VEGAN FOOD YOU LOVE There's nothing worse than eating certain food that you do not like all in the name of dieting. My advise is to find plant based food you love. This will help in the vegan dieting process. It will not just be a diet but a lifestyle you enjoy. EXERCISE  We all know that every diet change not properly backed up by exercise may not be as effective as you would like especially if your goal is to drop a few pounds. Try to implement some exercise routine into your daily regime. Such as walking, running, gentle weight lifting, squatting and so many more,  according to your physical and mental wellbeingJOIN THE VEGAN COMMUNITY    If you need some motivation and guidance during this diet or even if you are already a vegan, signing up to the vegan community surely does help. You will find like minded individuals there who are on the same journey with you and can hold your hands and guide you while on this new part .