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The Best 2020 Planners For Working Women

The Best 2020 Planners For Working Women

Jan 26, 2020


Whether you’re a woman in business, a creative, or a student, everyone can use a planner to be their most productive self.  It's always great to plan ahead. I find that I am able to achieve more in my daily life and career when I plan ahead. Not sure which planner to start off the new decade with? Don’t worry! I’m sharing everything that I look for in my handy agenda as well as some of my favorite planners down below. Happy 2020!


Let’s be honest, we all like it when a planner looks nice and matches our personal aesthetic. The great thing about this is that there are so many cute planners out there to shop from and there really is something for everyone. No one can deny that the sleeker a planner is, the better it looks on your desk, and you’re more appealed to pick up a pen and write in it. Also, if you prefer to do your digitally, its fine as well. Just do what is convenient for you as long as you plan.


Depending on your lifestyle, career, or personal goals, there are planners out there dedicated to different things. I consider a to-do list to be a simpler version of a planner, and there are checklist books and pages to help get your priorities in order. On the other hand, there are more personal planners for your goals, affirmations, budgeting, and more.


By organization, I mean the physical layout of a planner. I like when planners have labels, note boxes,  separators, and different tidbits that help me use them more efficiently. The more customized a planner’s layout is, the better!