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Styling Fur Coats For Fall/Winter

Styling Fur Coats For Fall/Winter

Oct 04, 2016


Who is feeling the easy breezy cold of Fall/Winter out there? Even though it's a known fact that London weather cannot be predictable, we still need to talk about styling Fall/ Winter fur coats, because fur coats are usually trendy at this time of the year. When we talk about longevity in the fashion industry, one of the items borne in mind would definitely be the fur coats, whether real fur or faux. Faux fur are becoming more popular over real fur in the fashion industry (you guys know I never wear real fur coats) and this is partly due to animal rights campaigns that have advocated faux fur as alternative to real fur. As Karl Lagerfeld rightly said "you can't fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur", we know that this warm, flamboyant trend is here to stay.

Fur pieces come in neutral nudes to colorful coats, stoles, scarves, jacket and vest whether long, short or hooded and they are the perfect accessories to rock during fall/winter. The right fur coat to wear are dependent on occasion and style. Fur coats have a way of bundling you up in warmth, making you cozy and chic all at once. The fur coat piece when paired just right add a touch of elegance and luxury to your fall/winter outfit. It's a necessity for us to know the art of styling fur coats for Fall/winter without looking too stuffed up in layers. Fur coat is a huge statement piece and screams "look at me" and when worn with other pieces should be balanced to avoid looking stuffed up.

Honestly, I was freezing cold while shooting this outfit because of the black cut- out top, and it was raining too, but that was sort of the whole idea. You do not have to be all stuffed up during this season, not until it is ice cold of course. If I wasn't shooting I probably would have buttoned up my coat to keep warm. Having said that here are a few styling tips to help you pull off a chic look and make people stare for the right reasons. Did I mention how gorgeous these public desire heels are? They're to die for!

- For work or professional functions, fur coats can be styled by wearing it over a pencil skirt and a chic blouse or top or with a classic body fit gown, that way you don't look like you've got too much on your plate. Finish up the look with a must have court heel for a professional and clean look. - Fur coats seat well with ripped jeans, skinny jean, leather or casual pants and this style works well for a casual daytime look. They look even more chic when paired with boots, brogues, oxfords or heels. - Fur coats can also be worn over a cashmere sweater or a boyfriend tee paired with leggings and a converse. This is a no hassle everyday look. Since we are going for warmth in fall/winter, it wouldn't hurt to introduce a beanie to the ensemble. Style and warmth go hand in hand. Pull off the perfect fur coat outfit with these tips to avoid looking stuffed up. Remember the goal is to be bold, chic and extravagant while been fashionable. My skirt is from here, my top is from shopivyekong laughing soon. Once my online store goes live, you guys will be able to shop this top  and many other  gorgeous outfits. My faux fur coat is from here. Till my next post, XOXO IVY EKONG.