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Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2019 - What I wore

Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2019 - What I wore

Jun 19, 2019


I know you all have been expecting this post since you saw my Royal Ascot Ladies day outfit on Instagram. It took a while to get it up here as I have been busy attending other events since then. But, here it is now finally!!   As many of you know, Royal Ascot Ladies day is a very flamboyant event of the year.  (Read my previous post here about what to wear for the next Royal Ascot Ladies day)  .  It was definitely one I have always wanted to attend. I remember seeing some Instagram pictures  of attendees in 2018,  and wishing I was there. Well as you'll have it,  I was there in the real Ivy Ekong style this year and I so  love it!!!

Everyone was asking on Instagram why I chose white? It wasn't  for any reason at all. I simply felt like wearing a neutral colour from head to toe,  except for my handbag of course. For me,  white is a serene colour. It makes me feel very clean and bright as well. So I guess my outfit was a winner.

Royal Ascot is more fun when you attend  with friends and family. My friends and I had a beautiful time out at Ascot while enjoying the beautiful  Ascot weather we were blessed with at Royal Ascot Ladies day 2019.

Now let's talk about my outfit shall we; I am wearing a blazer Tull dress from ivyekongfashion I accessorised with a Chanel bag and house of cb heels. My very giant hat is from Hats by Cressida. This hat is a show stopper I must say. Most importantly, it was very comfortable to wear despite how big it is.

My dear friend Sylvia.

 My dear friend Josephine

Oh! I almost forgot the Moschino belt as one of my accessories. What are your thoughts? Are you planning to attend any day of the Royal Ascot 2020 or Ladies day only? Let me know your thoughts below. While you're at it, don't forget to follow me on socials (@ivyekong).