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Pregnancy Outfits - What I Wore While  Pregnant

Pregnancy Outfits - What I Wore While Pregnant

Dec 23, 2022


Pregnancy is an incredible  experience in the life of women. Pregnancy comes with it’s aches and pains; but who says you cannot dress your way through it. 9 months of growing a miracle inside of you needs to reflect also on the outside. I know every pregnancy is different. Some people experience morning sickness all through their pregnancy and have no time to dress up or even wear any makeup. What matters is that you feel confident both in and out during your pregnancy and that you’re looking after you and your baby.

I did dress up a lot during this pregnancy, probably more than I did during my previous ones. I radiated from both within and outside  and wanted to leave beautiful style memories I can look back on long after our  baby arrives.  Here are some of my favorite  pregnancy looks during my pregnancy. Head to my Instagram for details of these outfits.