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May 03, 2016


When I saw this pink floral two piece short I immediately fell in love it with. I didn’t even blink before I bought it. It is perfect and the only floral two piece set I have in my wardrobe ?. Anything with florals is always a yes on my book especially during spring and summer. It’s even more beautiful in person.

People kept coming up to me on the street and asking where it was from. If it comes in a variety of colours I would probably buy one more. I pulled out my nude Stella McCartney heels and my  Prada bag from my closet for this one. It couldn't have been better with any other colour of accessories. I wore a corset inside so that I did not need to button the jacket for an edgy feel.

Mixing florals can be a little tricky and adding a bit of fun while styling a floral print definitely makes for the perfect contrast between the two! If you want to stay safe just stick with mixing your florals with a plain black or a plain white top and accessories.

I know that not everyone is a fan of shorts. I never used to be until I made up my mind to be confident with my body and my legs especially. They are not as long as those of super model Giselle, but I absolutely adore my body and have embraced all the flaws that comes with it. You should do same. Only you have the power to decide that and to find confidence in yourself.

Now I wear loads of shorts and short skirts too, especially when I go on holidays to a warm country it's always my best wear. Depending on what you like, you can style your florals jackets or tops differently as well. At the end of the day "confidence is the key" .

Sorry for the quick and late post, I’ve been under the weather all week and prior to that, my girls were on holiday for a week and I needed to spend time with them! My two piece set is from here. Bag is from here : check back in for new post! Also- please leave a comment on what other content besides outfit posts you’d like for me to create for you! I’d love to add more content to the blog so your feedback is everything! Can’t wait to hear your suggestions! Xoxo Ivy Ekong