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Jul 12, 2017


Loving yourself! Is that a word that you're familiar with? Or maybe someone has once used that word in reference to you. We leave in a fast world these days. Fast life, fast marriages , fast friendships, and the list goes on. Sometimes it's overwhelming especially for the younger generation. Social media also haven't helped at all. Social media, and all the fake lives people show on social media has made it hard for the younger generation to love themselves. People are constantly comparing themselves to others, and young people are constantly getting depressed because they feel they are not living the fake Luxury lifestyle of someone else.

Today I encouraged you to love yourself. "You are no one else and no one else is you". That is your super power.  I encourage you to make learning and loving yourself one of your top priorities. Social media especially Instagram is  a place where you can either get lost or get depressed if you do not have a tough skin. I have the honour of mentoring some young people who are part of my Instagram family. After listening to their stories of depression, self hating, self doubting, I realised that social media is doing more harm than good for young people.

I am by no means a therapist but I do know how important loving yourself is. No one on this earth is like you! No one. You have gifts, talents, and abilities inside you that you haven’t even tapped into yet! No matter the circumstances around your arrival, despite the opinion of your biggest critic, you are not a mistake. God made you perfectly imperfect and still entrusted you with divine purpose. Take time to replenish, build, and nurture your soul. Surround yourself with people who truly love you, support and encourage you to succeed. Stop looking at the fake lives people share on social media and start using that time to better yourself. When you’re done, make the decision to live your life to the fullest. Most importantly, be  authentic… and love yourself.